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Hybrid method of teaching

We use a hybrid method of teaching to ensure quality. This means that we offer a mix of in-person and online learning, so that students can choose the format that best suits their needs.

Live interaction and doubt solving

We use live interaction and doubt solving to provide our students with a personalized learning experience. In our live classes, students can ask questions and get immediate feedback from our instructors. This helps students to understand the material better and to avoid falling behind.

Section wise test and viva

We conduct section-wise tests and vivas to assess our students’ understanding of the material. Section-wise tests are short quizzes that cover a specific section of the course material. Vivas are oral exams in which students are asked questions about the material they have learned.


  • To Concrete Basic Mathematics Skill
  • To Enhance Calculation Skill With Accuracy
  • To¬† Increase Grasping Power
  • To Simply Love Maths

Personal advisors to guide our students

Working Room

Daily activities run by personal trainers

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is assigned for each students

Progress report

Stay up-to-date on their child’s progress

Maths made easy

Scholarship & Aptitude Test

Inborn Analysis

Analyzing natural ability of students through an aptitude test.

Customized Batches

Based on the test, students will be assigned into concerned batches.


Scores above 80 % on aptitude tests will get 20% discount on claps classes.