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Online individual tuition for all classes.

Achieve perfect marks in exams with one-on-one online tuition.

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Achieving the Highest Educational Standards

Our experienced tutors offer a wide range of courses and personalized teaching to help your child achieve their full academic potential. With innovative methods and cutting-edge technology, our online tuition is both engaging and effective. Give your child academic success with Claps Learn today.

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Learn well with Online Individual Tuition

With our face-to-face, online individual classes with interaction.Marks will be improved.

“CLAPS is the best online tuition! With twins and limited time, CLAPS reduced my burden. Individual coaching surpassed school. Kudos to Fazil sir and the CLAPS team!”

Shahina Nazar6th Standard Students


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“I joined Claps Learn for online tuition in 12th grade and felt more drawn towards them as they provided individual attention. It was helpful for me as I get easily distracted. The teachers were encouraging, and I felt like I could voice my doubts without any issues. Claps' online tuition helped me excel in my studies and prepare for my exams with confidence.”

FizaPlus Two

“Ever since I started taking online tuition with Claps Learn, I have grown to love my subjects even more. The teachers are very cooperative and always available to help with any academic matters. My parents are thrilled with my exam marks, and I am really satisfied with my academic progress through Claps Learn online tuition.”

Cyan Haris10 CBSE

“The one-to-one online tuition class with the teacher helped me understand the concepts well and went through the questions and explanations step by step. I encourage anyone who is struggling in any subject to enroll for online tuition with Claps Learn.”

Afraz10 CBSE


To provide world-class online individual tuition to students of all ages and abilities, regardless of their location or circumstances. We believe that everyone deserves access to the best possible education, and we are committed to breaking down the barriers that prevent students from achieving their full potential.


To be the leading provider of online individual tuition. We envision a world where every student has access to the best possible education, regardless of their location or circumstances.


What are the qualifications of teachers?

Claps provides well-qualified teachers who have completed their PG/B.Ed /B.Tech from well-known colleges/universities. Moreover, special training is provided to enhance their technical skill for creating interactive sessions using digital tools.

How to pay the tution fee?

We do accepts online payment. Payments are collected in advance. UPI, NEFT, net banking

In which language the classes are available?

Online tuition classes are available in both English and Malayalam. Parents or students can select the medium according to their comfort.
And don’t worry, we will send you a reminder through email and admin notice banner of your WordPress dashboard.

How are students assessed?

Live exams are conducted after completing each chapter and a written exam is conducted after completing 3 chapters. In addition, first 5 minutes of each class is used for oral viva’s.

What are the subjects being covered in CLAPS Tuition?

We are providing tuition classes for mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, social science and languages (Hindi, English, Malayalam, Arabic & Sanskrit), in short for all subjects.

Is tuitions are availble for all the grades?

Yes, we are providing Individual tuition classes for LP, UP, High School & Higher Secondary.

What about the timing of classes?

The time table is totally customizable as per student’s convenience so that it will not overlap with the usual school hours therefore regular presence of students will be ensured.