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Kerala’s Premier Online Tutoring Platform for Individual Tuition

CLAPS, Kerala’s leading online tutoring platform offers online classes to students from grades KG-12, following CBSE and Kerala curricula. Our CLAPS classes offer online instruction that is unmatched, ensuring your child’s success.

We offer online tuition because we understand that each student learns in a different way. Our experienced tutors can tailor each lesson according to the individual learning styles and needs of your child.

Live classes for online tuition allow your child to interact with the tutor in real-time. This ensures that your child is actively involved in the learning process.

  • We design our classes to be interactive and engaging, giving students plenty of chances to ask questions and take part in discussions.
  • Our tutors have a wealth of experience and are qualified to teach the subject they specialize in.
  • You can select the best time for your class.
  • You can afford to send your child to our classes and provide them with the education they deserve.

CLAPS offers the best online tutoring in Kerala. Our classes are designed for students of any age and level, and our qualified and experienced tutors will do everything they can to help your child succeed.

We provide customized, one-onone online tuition classes that cater to each student’s individual needs. Our highly qualified and experienced tutors will tailor each lesson to the needs of your child, ensuring maximum comprehension and progress.

Our online classes take place in in real-time. This allows students to actively participate in the learning process. This real-time interaction creates an interactive and supportive environment in which students can ask for clarifications and actively participate in discussions.

Our tutors will give your child their undivided focus. Our tutors can identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and develop effective strategies for improving their understanding of different subjects. Our tutors adapt their teaching style to your child’s, allowing them to grasp concepts faster and boost their academic performance.

We provide flexible schedule options to ensure that your child is able to attend class at the time of their choosing. It eliminates the need to commute and allows students the opportunity to learn in the comfort of their own homes.

CLAPS offers a comprehensive set of resources that will support your child in their academic journey. We provide a wide range of study materials, exercises and assessments that reinforce concepts taught in class. We also offer tutoring sessions to clear up any doubts outside of the regular class time. This ensures that students are receiving continuous support and guidance.

CLAPS also ensures that your child is learning in a secure and safe online environment. We have taken robust measures to ensure the privacy and confidentiality for our students. Our online platform has advanced security features that protect against unauthorized access. This ensures a worry-free experience for parents and students.

CLAPS’s commitment to providing a quality education has been recognized by parents, students and educational experts. We are proud to be a part of our students’ success stories. They have achieved consistently impressive academic results.

Your child’s academic future is worth investing in. Our expert tutors will provide your child with the best online tuition experience. We invite you to join us at CLAPS, and watch your child’s educational journey soar through online learning.

We provide the best online tutoring in Kerala. We want to help your child reach their academic potential and achieve their academic goals.